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Family Snapshot

In early 1980s southern England, opportunities are opening up for a bright young thing like Sadie Emmett. Until one terrible night took it all away from her.

Now she has closed herself away from the world. A single mother; abused, wary, fiercely protective of her son, and fiercely secretive about his origins.

Until she meets Jay, a big-hearted student, with a bright smile and a dark past.

A closed book and an open book. Brought together – and blown apart – by a child.

Family Snapshot explores the delicate development of a profound relationship, forged in the white heat of a damaged past, and asked to make peace with it.

“A profound love story that both challenges and delights.”

Monica Wraysbury

“A unique story of love, loss and healing, with a dark twist, that beautifully blends the heart-warming with psychological and emotional weight.”

Marian Starkes

About the Author

Jessie Harker

I am an author of stories set in the 1980s. Honestly, I am much more cheerful than this photo!  But things were different then…

My novels are rooted in my formative years in the early/mid 1980s London suburbs, when the streets were dark, but the music and hope shone bright.  And that duality is reflected in my writing. Characters may be disadvantaged, in various ways, but there is always the potential to get to a better place.

My novels are inevitably peppered with cultural references of the period, but the deep wounds that the past inflicts are common to any era. I think that, so often, we mess up because we were messed up. Yet I am a firm believer in the potential for redemption of the human spirit – that even the darkest scars that bind us can be healed by honesty and love.

These days I have ’emigrated’ westwards and now live in Somerset, with a guitarist, a dog and six chickens. But I still collect Police memorabilia (the band, not the law enforcers). A part of me will always remain in that time…

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