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Family Snapshot

In early 1980s southern England, opportunities are opening up for a bright young thing like Sadie Emmett. Until one terrible night took it all away from her.

Now she has closed herself away from the world. A single mother; abused, wary, fiercely protective of her son, and fiercely secretive about his origins.

Until she meets Jay, a big-hearted student, with a bright smile and a dark past.

A closed book and an open book. Brought together – and blown apart – by a child.

Family Snapshot explores the delicate development of a profound relationship, forged in the white heat of a damaged past, and asked to make peace with it.

“A profound love story that both challenges and delights.”

Monica Wraysbury

“A unique story of love, loss and healing, with a dark twist, that beautifully blends the heart-warming with psychological and emotional weight.”

Marian Starkes

In progress

Saving Grayson

“An emotionally hard-hitting, but ultimately uplifting tale about the challenge of public judgment and the transformative power of love.”

From the back streets of West London, stripped of his self esteem, Billy Grayson is imprisoned not only by an injustice done to him by his so-called friends, but by the deeper chain of society’s work ethic, in the unemployment crisis of the the early 1980s. Unable to achieve its demands, and therefore a ‘lesser’ man.

From the leafy privilege of Surrey, expelled from three public schools, a childhood of misunderstanding and an over-tendency to hit the emotion button, Sasha Morton has found her place with interchangeable front door keys with her mates, unlimited supplies of peanut butter and digging about in canals.

Saving jam jars. Saving the planet. Saving Grayson?

Via a rabbit hole in Warwick, a campsite in Llandudno, and a customised hackney cab in Brighton; with a little help from an
insightful old lady, a plague of frogs, and Richard Branson.

Neither of them ends up quite where they started…

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